TechFace Podcast with Sara Wick

Dec 17, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

Sara “slipped into the tech world” after studying a Master’s in multilingual text analysis and loves that she’s managed to combine her passion in linguistics with tech! ⁠⁠
Sara applied to jobs everywhere using advice she got from her role models, which led her to interesting interviews and possibilities until she scored a job at Turicode, a tech start-up that transforms unstructured data from PDF documents into valuable information. ⁠⁠
How did she end up there? Well, using one of her own little tricks!⁠
This and other tips are revealed in this podcast!

This fascinating woman has had a couple of pivots in her career. In this episode, we discuss these changes, her fascination with gadgets, how emerging technologies can reach mass markets and why she feels so lucky about the career she’s been able to create for herself.

Arijana also gives her advice to those wanting to get into tech and shares with us her favourite female role models. Awesome episode!


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