TechFace Podcast with Bettina Wolko

Feb 25, 2020 | Podcast | 0 comments

Meet Bettina Wolko! She is a software engineer at Namics with an interesting background! Having started out with an apprenticeship as a chemical lab assistant in Dusseldorf she soon realized that software engineering was a way cooler option – discover why she made that switch in this podcast episode.  

We also discuss how she must start mornings with coffee, what a typical day is like for her at work (hint: not typical at all), and Bettina helps us debunk the coder stereotype myth we see in movies. 

Although it took her some time to learn to code, Bettina believes everyone can learn to program! She shares here recommendations for anyone who wants to become a software engineer.

Listen to Bettina’s wise words for anyone thinking about changing careers and the best advice she was given – which definitely applies to work and life!



Code Excursion

Schrödinger programmiert – Die Erste: Lenelotte von Bothmer (Abgeordnete in Hosen)



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