This is the perfect place for you if you:



  • are curious and self-driven: if an opportunity comes up, you seize it.
  • work autonomously and take-over responsibility: we provide you with freedom; you use it for the best of yourself, your team and the company.
  • are eager to continuously develop: sharing knowledge, giving and receiving feedback, and challenging the status quo are part of your DNA

What is Swisscom’s mission?


Digitisation presents many opportunities, but also certain risks. Swisscom is aware of its responsibility. As one of Switzerland’s leading IT companies, we endeavor to make technological advances accessible to everyone, based on ethical thinking and acting with integrity.

What is Swisscom’s vision?


Therefore, we focus on three values, that define who we are and the approach we take to our work:
Trustworthy – We are close to our customers and staff and act in a responsible and reliable manner.
Committed – We pursue our goals with passion and we focus on what’s important.
Curious – We are continually developing and always grasp new opportunities.

What cultural values does TechFace see in Swisscom?


Values differences


Enables networking




Decision driven


Ensuring accountability


Allowing innovation


Enabling inter-company changes


Nimble learning


Open to innovation

Working at Swisscom

Why is Swisscom a great place to work?

Because together with us you can help shape the networked future of Switzerland, experience new forms of collaboration and reach your full potential in a fantastic environment. 

From day one your job is challenging and exciting, and you will develop your professional and personal potential. While shaping Switzerland’s networked future in a constantly evolving environment, you enjoy flexible working conditions. And last but not least, you can bring your own ideas and turn them into reality.

Who is Swisscom?

«Es macht Spass, Lösungen für komplexe Probleme zu finden.»

Laura Schnüriger, Trainee im Bereich Data Analytics, Bern

«Meine Motivation: Das Leben mit Technik verbessern.»

Fatemeh Borran, Senior Data Scientist, Bern

«Ich will junge Frauen für technische Berufe begeistern.»

Maja Schreiner, ICT Test Manager, Zürich

«Mittendrin im kleinen Culture Clash»

Arijana Walcott, Business Development Manager, Outpost Palo Alto

«Schon mein ganzes Leben lang knacke ich Menschen.»

Tulu Budesa, HR Marketing Manager, Bern

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