Meet the #wetechtogether Mentors

I have been working as a data scientist for the last 5 years in 3 different companies (a Tech Startup in New York, a bank and now at Migros; so retail). Before that I was in academia as a neuroscientist therefore I have experience with career changes.

Data Scientist

at Migros

Anita Schmid

I have a Master’s degree in sociology and work as a Training & Education Manager in VirtaMed

teaching residents, customers and sales partners how to use  VirtaMed’s medical and surgical  simulators using virtual reality  simulation in medical education.

Training & Education Manager

at VirtaMet

Candice Cuvelier

I taught myself front-end web development through online courses and only just started working as front-end developer. I can tell about the way I got from Tourism to FEWD. I love to be creative so my goal is to get deeper into Creative Coding.

Front End Developer & Co-Founder at Codeexcursion

Corina Schedler

I have studied Computer Science and economics and have pursued a master in CIT. I worked at Microsoft as Technical Account Manager and  as a Systems Admin. Afterwards I pursued a career in Sales at AWS taking care of the startup segment in Switzerland. 

Account Manager

at AWS

Inunia Borza

I have 20 years experience in IT.  I am a senior solutions architect at Amazon. I have also held roles as an Enterprise Architect in Zurich Insurance and Credit Suisse.

Solution Architect

at AWS

Margo Cornin

A successful, dedicated marketing professional with extensive experience in strategic planning and management of a broad range of marketing functions. Nineteen years of professional experience in the service industry. 

Head of Marketing for Consulting at Deloitte

Mia Mutic

I earned a Bachelor in Computer Science at IIIT Hyderabad, India. I received a Felix Scholarship to pursue a PhD at Oxford in Computer Vision. I worked as a researcher at ETH, as a Computer Vision Lead and now as a Lead software engineer in Magic Leap.

Software Engineer

at Magic Leap

Mukat Prasad

I've been a data analyst in the anti-abuse space for the past 4.5 years and came to Google from a research career in Physics (after a few years of PostDoc experience).

Data Analyst

at Google

Anna Henrichs

More than ten years’ industry experience leveraging hands-on management skills and high-caliber work ethic to drive dramatic process and business growth by analyzing organizational talent and optimizing process to enhance key performance indicators.

Future of Work Director

at Deloitte

Chantelle Larsen

After studying Design Management I decided to dive into the world of e-commerce where customer centeredness and experience are key to success when planning, defining and creating campaign content. 

Digital Content & Communications at women++

Diana Herrle

I am an entrepreneur in the field of visual communications and lead my own graphic design studio, GRAFIK2. Our projects are in corporate design, editorial design and visual design. I am also a co-founder of we shape tech and involved in the Impact Hub Zurich.

Visual Communications at GRAFIK2

Janine Fuchs

I did 3 internships for Google before joinig full time. I have worked for Google in 3 different countries. I like board games and video games.

Full Stack Developer

at Google

Maria Atanasova

I am a User Experience Researcher with a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and human-computer interaction. Before joining Google in 2015, I worked as UX designer and researcher for different smaller and larger companies in Switzerland, India and the US. 

User Experience Researcher

at Google

Mirjam Seckler

I graduated from the ETH Zurich in mechanical engineering and from Stanford in Management Science and Engineering. I currently work in business development at Google and head up global partnerships for location-based AR. I am a board member for we shape tech.

Business Developmten

at Google

Petra Ehmann