Hidden Figures Award

Celebrating and awarding women in STEM field, who have done amazing work and are our role models for future generations.

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Hidden Figures Award aims to make sure meaningful but less obvious contributions to STEM are never overlooked in the way the black women who played a key role in the moon landing at NASA were.

We believe that these Hidden Figures need to be awarded for their efforts, work, achievements and most of all for their contribution as women in STEM. These are the role models the world needs to see and we want to celebrate. We want to expose the amazing work they have done and give others the opportunity to thank them for their contribution! Therefore we grant the “Hidden Figures Award 2021”.


There is this one female work colleague, who just pulled off a huge project for the company. The one who has amazing ideas and created an innovative solution for an issue your company was facing. Or your friend, who puts all her passion and energy into their startup or volunteer organisation to help others.

In other words, we all know them, those Hidden Figures in our lives, who have made the world a tiny bit better or even had a huge impact, but never got the well deserved recognition.

Above all, they don’t appear in newspaper, they were never nominated for an award and let alone received the Nobel price.


There are a few rules, we would like to instate to be eligible for the nomination of this award:

  • This award is only for women
  • Everyone can nominate, even the nominee herself
  • The nominee has never been a finalist for or has received an award before
  • Nominees and the reason for nomination must be related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics)

Every nominator gets the chance to win a ticket for the #wetechtogether conference where we will be celebrating and awarding the women in STEM you have nominated.

Award Categories

Empowered Woman Award

Startup / Innovation

Non-Profit Organisation

The Award prices will be proudly supported by:

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Award Prizes

Sheraton Zurich West

Overnight Stay at Sheraton Zurich West

All finalists will be invited to stay overnight at the Shearton Zurich West with VIP  amenities and breakfast included.

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Award Celebration & #wetechtogether Conference

All finalists are invited to celebrate the nomination at the Award Night and join us for the #wetechtogether conference the next day!

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Presents from different sponsors

Our sponsors will be giving away different kind of presents! Stay tuned to see who will be supporting our Hidden Figures!


29th of August 2021

Nominate your Hidden Figure

15th of September 2021

Announcement of finalists

1st October 2021

Award Ceremony

(*all finalists will receive complimentary access to the #wetechtogether conference 2021)

Jury Members

More jury members will be announced soon!

Stefany Barker, Co-Founder and Board of Advisor Member TechFace

David Luyet
Head Talent Attraction
@ Swisscom

Stefany Barker, Co-Founder and Board of Advisor Member TechFace

Claudia Bruce-Quartey
Key Account Manager
@ Red Hat

Stefany Barker, Co-Founder and Board of Advisor Member TechFace

Stefano Mallè
Head of Technology Switzerland

Heike Riel

Heike Riel
Head Science & Technology

Christine Leiss Fossil EN

Christine Leiss
Head of Philanthropy & Sustainability EMEA
@ Fossil

Dalith Steiger

Dalith Steiger
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
@ Swiss Cognitive

These are the Hidden Figures Award winners 2020:


Hidden Figures Award Winner Category Empowered Women

Category: Empowered Women

Congratulation to Emmanuelle David  (reprsented by Laila Haegle)

Emmanuelle is a role model for so many women. After being a rocket scientist for several companies, Emmanuelle applied with a newborn for an executive role at EPFL and became the executive lead of the space center of EPFL. She is questioning the status quo and supports young women as a mentor. Because of her passion for sustainable development, she aims that the space field gets more sustainable. She is very humble and more people need to get inspired by her so that she can leverage her positive impact on society!



Hidden Figures Award Winner Startup / Innovation

Category: Startup / Innovation

Congratulations to Siew-Veena Sahi

 Siew-Veena Sahi is an incredibly devoted and inspirational co-founder. Whilst studying to become a medical doctor in the United Kingdom, Siew-Veena did an additional year of study completing a degree in Public Health. During these studies, she came across the fact that there was no instant test available on the market for STIs. This had far-reaching implications, one of which was linked to woman’s health and empowerment – an example being sexual health clinics in developing countries overprescribing antibiotics due to women not being able to visit clinics to receive results of testing. Having identified this as a woman’s health and empowerment issue and mulling it over for two years working as a Doctor in the NHS, she decided finally to take the plunge. She quite her job at the NHS and started ribolifedx to build instant result testing kits and make them available to all. With the ultimate aim of empowering everyone from all walks of life, she now works tirelessly to make this hope a reality.  



Hidden Figures Award Winner Category Non-Profit

Category: Non-Profit Organisation

Congratulations to Corina Schedler

Corina is an inspiration, her energy and her soul are empowering. She is a self-taught web developer and a true inspiration to any woman who wants to change her career to tech. As a co-founder of Code Excursion for 3 years, she is making it possible for numerous women to get started in tech. Her friendly, open go-getter personality and the Code-Excursion-Vibe with the flexible courses, especially for women, that they created are truly unique if we think about learning experiences in Switzerland.



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