We help companies improve performance through diversity by opening your network to build a diverse community of potential candidates who share your values.

We are the world's first community recruiter.

DID YOU KNOW? 80% of jobs are filled via networking. Our goal is to open your network by offering the opportunity to engage with the tech community– and find the perfect candidate before you've even written the job description.

Get famous.

In the competitive market of tech, you need candidates to want to work for you. We offer company profiles that show why your company is the most exciting place to build a career in tech.

Companies get assessed for fit and commitment before you can join our community as a partner company.

CV's are misleading.

We make recruiting personal and productive by introducing you to high-potential candidates, for example through speed-dating style interview events. So you can hire the whole person, not just their CV.

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Build your community.

By sponsoring and engaging with our members, you are enlisting our community to recruit on your behalf. If our community knows why you're the most exciting company to build a career with– you will find the perfect candidate.

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