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2. Book a free coaching call

Once you opt in for the newsletter, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to book a coaching call.

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TechFace continues to be an amazing resource for me. It has connected me with cool, tech-savvy, international women and alerts me to interesting event and fellowship opportunities across Switzerland. I’ve also found the career coaching invaluable while navigating a career change. In other words, I love it!  

Emma Baumhofer

Digital Consultant, Member

I had the pleasure to attend techface events and job fairs already 3 times and highly recommend it. Not only does Priska makes sure to match interesting companies with tech talent, she also masters the organization of the structured networking. Priska and Techface are true advocates for women in tech, supporting us changing careers, network, and finding trainings and courses. Plus, she has a fantatsic podcast!

Gisela Andrade

Candidate EMBA Digital Transformation, Member

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