We're solving two problems:

we're solving the tech talent gap in Switzerland by showcasing the most exciting career opportunities and coaching our community to build the skills needed to take those opportunities. We're also improving diversity in tech by expanding companies' hiring network.

"Companies in the top quartile for diversity on their executive teams are 21 percent more likely to experience above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile." McKinsey, 2017

See the possibilities.

We've heard too often that high-potential talent can't get hired and companies can't find them. We're changing that by replacing tedious, inefficient online systems with personal introductions. Let's make recruiting personal again.

Be cool and commit.

We assess companies for culture and commitment to diversity before engaging, because we want our members to build their best careers and we want partners in building a community of tech talent, not just ad hoc recruiting requests.

Stefany Barker

Stefany has 5 years' experience implementing software for global organisations in finance, telecomms, hospitality and retail. At TechFace, Stefany leverages her network and event organisation skills to connect companies and candidates. Stefany earned first degrees in BSc Economics and MSc Management of Information Systems and Innovaiton from the London School of Economics.

  • Stefany Barker
  • Stefany Barker

Priska Burkard

Priska has worked over 15 years in finance, where she led national and international projects for major banks with great success. At TechFace, Priska leverages her rigor in finance and experience in management to ensure we are always growing. Priska has a Bachelor Degree in Management Information System and a Master Degree in Investment Management. 

  • Priska Burkard

We want you on our team! We want to grow a diverse, fun and fulfilled TechFace. team. Please get in touch if you want to make tech more colorful too.

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