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We want to close the talent gap and increase diversity in tech. Find out more about our team and board of advisors behind the TechFace.

We’re solving two problems

We’re solving the talent gap and increase diversity in tech. By showcasing the most exciting career opportunities and coaching our community to build the skills needed to take those opportunities, we’re improving diversity in tech. In other words, we are expanding the companies’ hiring network.

Our mission.

We assess companies for culture and commitment to diversity before engaging. We want partners in building a community of tech talent, not just ad hoc recruiting requests.
Above all, we want our members to build their best careers in tech. Thus, we are closing the tech talent gap.

Our vision.

We’ve heard too often that high-potential talent can’t get hired and companies can’t find them. Therefore, we’re changing that by replacing tedious, inefficient online systems with personal introductions. In other words, let’s make recruiting personal again.

We want you on our team! Growing a diverse, fun and fulfilled TechFace team is part of our vision.
Please get in touch if you want to make tech more colorful too.

Our Team

Priska Burkard

Priska has worked over 15 years in finance, where she led national and international projects for major banks with great success. At TechFace, Priska leverages her rigor in finance and experience in management to ensure we are always growing. Priska has a Bachelor Degree in Management Information System and a Master Degree in Investment Management.

TechFace Co-Founder Priska Burkard
Hela Maria Jaffar TechFace Content Writer

Hela Maria Jaffar

Hela is currently Content Writer and Creator at TechFace and Director of Girls in Tech Switzerland. Previously, she was a project specialist at the World Economic Forum, Geneva before joining a cryptocurrency start-up in Zug. Hela cares deeply about human connection and authentic communication. She has a deep understanding of the intersection between people, business, design and technology. She’s a creative strategist who likes getting intimate with the unknown and getting s*** done.

Barbara Frank-Nick

Barbara has worked in the finance industry as Project Manager and Business Analyst for various IT Projects. At TechFace, she supports the team organising the #wetechtogether conference with her excellent client management and organisation skills.

Barbara Frank-Nick #wetechtogether Conference Organiser

Our Advisory Board

Stefany Barker

Strategy Advisor

Manuel Evangelista

Sales & Digital Marketing Advisor

Chantelle Larsen

Business Development Advisor

Natalie Schmidhauser

Human Resource Advisor

In the news

Where we have been and mentioned

Full Stack Developer Program in the news

Full Stack Developer Program in the news

In January 2020, Priska reveals the importance of the Full Stack Developer Program to AGEFI.  Launching in March 2020, the Program aims to train women looking for a career switch through a coding boot-camp followed by a guaranteed 6-month paid internship at a cool...

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The Mirror World Podcast with our Co-Founder Priska

The Mirror World Podcast with our Co-Founder Priska

A new decade has started and Diversity has never been discussed as much as in the last year. What has changed in the last couple of years? Was there a positive development? And how could you have a sanity check for diversity in your team? This and a lot more has our...

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Podcast with our co-founder Priska

Podcast with our co-founder Priska

Have you heard already? Our co-founder Priska got the chance to talk about TechFach, her own career, purpose and diversity & inclusion in tech on the latest podcast of Berufspodcast! Listen to her talking to Christoph Stelzhammer sharing her passion to support...

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TechFace @ Crea Digital Day 2019

TechFace @ Crea Digital Day 2019

Our co-founder and COO of Girls in Tech Switzerland attended together with Bahar from the GiT Team the 10th Crea Digital Day in Geneva to talk about how important diversity is in today's industry. We were able to highlight to over 1'000 attendees how missing diversity...

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